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Complaint: I purchased a vehicle from this man. The very next day I started having problems with the car. I began to phone him with no return calls. My original calls were placed with in the 72 hours covered by the Colorado Lemon Law. That same day I took the vehicle to a mechanic who informed me to return the car, he found parts under the hood missing, and parts that do not go to that year, make, model of vehicle and parts that were damaged, and not even connected properly or at all. About 3 days later the car broke down on the highway in 101 degree weather. My 19 month old and I sat on the side of the highway until help came. I began phoning again, the “dealer”” would not return my calls

Tags: Junk Dealers

Address: until I advised him I would be reporting him to several different agiencies. He returned my call with on offer of this… He said I needed to go and get a new title for the car

Website: when total purchase was $1085.00. Why would I have to be out that $85.00? And why would I leave a car in a parking lot with the title in it with out completing the signing over process? I do have a history in loans

Phone: he said my name needed to be on the front of the title

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