Shelby Gardner Enid, Oklahoma Oklahoma


So, my fiancée and I moved to Enid, Oklahoma in 2012 with our 2 year old daughter to start fresh with a better life for our daughter. The first year went wonderfully, until, my fiancée decided he wanted to feel like he’s”16 again” and get a high school job as a cashier at (removed). I told him how disappointed I was in him, going from a respectable job in the Navy to working at (removed) as a cashier, I mean, who does that when there’s plenty of GOOD jobs in the area? Well, in October of 2013 I decided to pick up lunch for my fiancée and surprise him at work, well, I walk in to him talking to a YOUNG (17-18 yoa) girl, by his body language from a distance you can tell they were flirting, au was pisses off as anyone in this situation would be, but put my happy face on and matched right up to him with his food. He sees me and cuts the conversation and says”oh see! This is who I was telling you about, this is my fiancée Krisy! Krisy, this is Shelby, her son goes to our daughter’s day care.” Well, me being ticked off already, I say”Nice to know they let sluts into that building, glad she doesn’t have an influence on my daughter.” I then took his hand and pulled him to the back so we could eat lunch together. At the time, I did not know she was the”other girl” I didn’t think he would ever cheat on me because he acted lied he valued his family, oh boy was I far off! || Let’s fast forward to Christmas time, Kyle decided to play it off as he had to use all his vacation time or he was going to lose it. I didn’t see a problem with it, I saw it as,”cool we can take a mini vacation!” With my profession I only worked 3 full days a week which gave us time to get a way for a few days. Well, instead we used it for moving into a house. I fell in love with a 3 bedroom house that I thought was perfect for us, there was obviously room for us and our daughter but I wanted to get custody of his son by summer 2014 and we could put him in the 3rd room. Kyle was so excited and completely on board with the idea! Well during this vacation he spent a lot of time with his family when I was at work, he would see his siblings and acted like everything was fine… I noticed through the month of December he was on his phone more and more but I figured since it was the holidays his extended family was texting him… I later found out I was wrong. || Well, Christmas was fine, but between Christmas Day and New Years he had went through 2600 text messages, I know they weren’t all from me and family, so on New Year’s Eve I called him out on it. He proceeded to tell me I’m over reacting and have nothing to worry about. I asked him for his phone and he hit me, throwing me to the ground and telling me it’s none of my business. Our 2 year old was asleep, he was drunk and I was scared of him hurting me so I attempted to take his car keys to go home and he could stay at our friends’ house.. He then again, pinned me down and continuously hit me. He took my phone and wallet and went down stairs to his car. My friends refused to call the police because they didn’t want a scene at their apartment, at the time I worked for the police department and was begging for them to call because I wouldn’t do it at work because I didn’t want everyone seeing me bruised up and beaten filing a police report on work time. Well, they never did, so I wanted my cell phone and at least my ID and cash out of my wallet so I could buy a bus ticket home to California where my family is and could protect me and my daughter from anymore violence. He gave me my phone without a SIM card, so I didn’t have any phone numbers or service to call my family and all my cash but no ID so I couldn’t leave… I stayed at our friends house for a few days and called out of work until my wounds were healed. || About a week later Kyle and I spoke and made up, he gave me my house key back and took me home, for about a week we had our old life back, went out to eat, did things with our daughter, had family time and everything felt perfect and back to normal… Well in January it started up again, he was more and more distant, didn’t want to talk to me, would sleep on the couch instead of in our bed, wouldn’t take care of our daughter and took another week long vacation… This time while I was at work he did not see his family once and told me he was with them the whole time. I tried seeing his phone but there were no texts, phone calls, unusual names, nothing! I had a feeling something was up and went home”sick” from work one day, he came and got me, took me home, I walked in and all our family pictures were down or turned over… There were stains on our bed that I know for a fact weren’t from us.. So I immediately broke down and fell to the floor crying… He casually walks in And grabs me”trying to figure out what’s wrong” I pushed him away and just walked the neighbourhood for hours, balling, not wanting to go home, not wanting to do anything but cry because I didn’t know what else to do… Finally I went home because I knew it was time for him to get our daughter and didn’t want her to know anything was wrong… Well he then asks me what that was all about and I said,”you’re cheating on me! I know it! Why we’re all the pictures turned over and why are you acting so shady if you’re not?!” And he wouldn’t talk just left it as that. Over the next few days I pestered him, wanting to know what we were, wanting to know if he’d go to counselling with me or work with me to fix the problems… He kept saying I don’t know I don’t know until one day he left me at home, alone, with no vehicle and no way for me to get to my daughter at day care if I needed to. I asked him,”where are you going?” And he said it’s none of my business and left. Of course I call him and call him and call him. Until he shuts off his phone… That’s a clear give away that something is wrong.. So I literally went crazy and trashed the house… The windows were broken, pictures were ripped to shreds, his clothes had holes cut into them and I destroyed every precious item he had… His mother came and picked me up, she was furious and was in disbelief over everything that was happening, for she had went through the same thing at my age with his father. I stayed at her house until Valentine’s Day, I figured, I’m still his fiancée and the mother of his child, he will suck it up for just this one day and we can be a normal couple… Well I saw there was a transaction at a local flower shop for $70 on our bank account and got excited over it thinking,”he does still care! There’s a chance for our family!” But I never got them… I asked him about them and he said he had bought them for me but returned them because it didn’t”feel right”… There was no cash from the flowers, no receipt showing that they had been returned and no adjustment in our account.. I then asked him how he could be doing this to our family and what in the world I did wrong to get this treatment.. That’s when he threw a bookcase at me and started hitting me non stop. That’s when I made the split decision to call my dad in California and have him drive out to Oklahoma to get my daughter and I. On my last day in Enid I tried to get the whores name so I could speak with her, he refused to tell it to me… I asked his brother, he said Kyle never gave him a name but showed him naked pictures of her, (he was 13 years old!!! Who shows a 13 year old naked pictures of the girl he’s cheating on his fiancée with?!) so I was furious and went around asking until I finally got an answer. Her name was Shelby Gardner, the 18 year old tart I had a bad feeling with since October. I lost it! I called her out on it but she could careless that she destroyed a family, it wasn’t the first time. || Now, a year later, she just had a baby, who she told Kyle is his, but everyone else that it’s her ex-husband’s, Jason Clark, child… This baby does not look like either of his other 2 kids and he still doesn’t have custody of his 1st two children. Nor does she have custody of her 1st child. Every now and then I will ask him to see his daughter, but he doesn’t care, the homewrecker does not want him around her or me and he is stupid enough to put the homewrecker before his own children… || || >

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