Siva Real Estate Services Inc. Review


| Were do I start these people sign contracts and then cancel them, They sit at the top of a master HUD scam, They try and get people to work for nothong or if they do the work they bounce checks. We can prove this. these people promise all there clients the world and workers and screw them in the end. And whne they dont get their way they resort to websites to try and damage good names. we preformed work and they renegged on the deal and try to blame us for something they did. STAY FAR AWAY FROM JEROME AND AVIS YEISER SIVA Real Estate Services in Mt Vernon NY , they will play on your heart string and play the race card with you as they did with me. Fact is my Girl friend is African and so are her kids. So go ahead and say something. These people are the lowest , UCCs coming soon for contracts they breached. What gets me is how they lie we pick up our phones and have can prove it. SIVA Real Estate has been reported to The BBB and the New York Department of professional Regulation as well as the NY district ATTY for bad check writing.


  • Name: Siva Real Estate Services Inc.
  • Country: United States
  • State: New York
  • City: Vernon
  • Address: 4 Pasadena Pl Mount
  • Phone: (914) 576-0040
  • Website:

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