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I had the misfortune of allowing my credit to fall below par and had to purchase a used vehicle through Bill McBride Chervolet in Plattsburg Ny. Through the use of Credit Acceptance Corporation and Superior Protection Plan which falls under the same umbrella, I was financed at an incredible high interest rate. Yesterday, I had a bearing go in my 2003 Dodge Caravan and now have to wait for a representative to come to the repair place and “verify” the repairs. Judging by what I have read on here, I think I’m in for a long haul and it seems this company will try to do everything to deny my coverage. This will be the first of several reports about this company and I will also be discussing Bill McBride Chevorlet and who to avoid if going there. I will also update the status of my claim. If my claim is denied, I will be cancelling my warrenty with this company and I will also update the progress, or lack thereof, of my cancelation woes. I’m in hope that everything goes smoothly but after talking to the represenitives and the supervisor, it is apparent to me that this company’s main order of business is ripping people off, just like an insurance company that will deny claims. I also anly saw and signed one page of the four page document that was hidden from me from the salesperson and the financial manager at Bill McBrides Cheverlet in Plattsburgh. If anyone reads this I implore you not to go through Credit Acceptance or Superior Protection Plan ( SouthWestRe) for any reason..I was desperate for a vehilce but I am now in the same boat I was one year two months ago. .

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