Spirit Incentives Forney Texas Review


I’m unsure whether to be upset at silverleaf resorts or Spirit incentives or both. Either way, the two combined wasted my time and led me to this post. Last June, I was at a local festival and some reps from Silverleaf resorts were present advocating their local timeshare. They offered a a $25 gas card, 4 waterpark tickets, and 3 day/2 night stay at Great Wolf Lodge. All I needed to do was commit to listening to their 2 hour presentation. nWe ended up going to the resort and found it well enough. The first impression was good, but it went downhill quickly. After being served, several types of cookies, lemon-aid, popcorn, large (60″) flat panels were on several places on the wall

leather couches

plush carpets… it was actually pretty nice. Our escort came and picked us up and took us to a chaotic room with 40~50 other sales people and potential ‘clients’ The roar is the room made it hard to hear

but we listened for ~45 minutes and answered her questions about our vacation habits. She then took us on a tour of the property. By the time she had finished we were solidly unimpressed. She offered a price (I forget now the exact numbers

but something like 18K). nWe said “”No thank you.”” and she graciously said ‘thank you for your time. Let me go get my boss to get your certificates.”” This is when the real mind games began. He proceeded to ask why we weren’t interested and he lowered the price to 15K and provided some extra incentives like bonus weeks

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