Sportsman’s Guide, Inc. Review


I Just purchased a 40 Pack of “glow sticks”. When they arrived most of the items had “stickers” covering the expiration date, while others did not have “stickers” at all. The “stickeers” appeared to extend the expiration date another 5 years. Most if not all glow sticks had an expiration date of 5-20-2017. The “stickeers” extended the expiration date to 7-10-2022. | I contacted the Sports mens Guide and informed they about the expiration date. They seemed unaware of the issues with the expiration date. I them contacted several other vender who sell glow sticks. One vender said, “it looks like some of Windy City Novalities prioducts. So I comntacted them. They said, “they are our product, the “foils” (wrapper) are inprinted whan they are produced at the foil factory. As the foils are used in production, a sticker is placed over the imprint indication the “true” expiration date” | I am not satified with the “simple” explanition. The “imprinted” date on the foils should reflect the ture expiration date. This should never happen in America. They are made in china!


  • Name: Sportsman’s Guide, Inc.
  • Country: United States
  • State: Minnesota
  • City: South Saint Paul
  • Address: 411 Farwell Avenue P.O. Box 239
  • Phone: 1-800-882-2962
  • Website:

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