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My sister (in the Netherlands) went through an online dating with a "US soldier" stationed in Afghanistan:"I’m Alex ****(last masked for privacy – just in case) , from united states, i work with the U.S Army. I am currently stationed in Iraq Baghdad for a peace keeping mission. I’m deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom as a member of the Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force in Iraq Baghdad.I was born in AG, USA on the 24th of December 1977, I lost my parents in a fatal motor accident at the age of 15.Was raised up by a Military priest Rev. Fr William Tracy (late) who made me joined the Military academy in 1993. Losing my Parents was my worst experience in life. My Relatives were never cool at all, they maltreated and abandoned me because of family vendettas.""I work with the U.S (UN) Special Forces Operational Detachment-Alpha team, assigned to Company B, 82nd Airborne Division.I’m also an information management technologist by discipline. My job here is to monitor military Intelligence including network administration, database management and computer hardware and software implementation.I also join the combat team on special missions.""I have been here since last year before I got to your country holland, and I’ve got less than one months to complete my assignment here and return back to my Base Fort Gillem Army Base in Forest Park, GA."This person then wants to send my sister a package with "gratuity and retirement documents" that my sister has to sign as being his girlfriend for him to be released from duty and retire. That then happens to get stuck in customs in Thailand, and it would cost €237 to go through customs. My sister paid this through western union and after paying this, the wrong instructions were followed and now it costs $1500 to get it out of customs to be paid by western union again.

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