The Arc Tampa Bay Review


If you want to work in an environment where managers talk about you and treat you like you are a dog directors micro manage your every step talk about you behind your back where HR tells staff about others and why something may or may not of happened. If this is something you want go for it. | I worked there for 18 years worked up from RTI to Manager to director. Problems begin when you openly question issues. If you are not a female don’t bother looking for advancement as the associate executive looks for women to fill his admin roles women to fill all his managers homes. | The executive director is considered a spineless jelly fish (as spoken by staff) he allows his go to guy to run the company into the ground. and you have managers and staff from other homes say you were fired because you are on drugs . | You were fired because you were abusing clients and police took you off grounds . and you have director falsifying documents . thier is a lot more to say at a later date . here are some of the text . and thier is proof of the falsifying documents . and you have a diretor had a client walk around for over 2 months walk around with a cracked tooth and a nerve exposed .


  • Name: The Arc Tampa Bay
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: Clearwater
  • Address: 1501 N Belcher Rd #249
  • Phone: 1 727-799-3330
  • Website:

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