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Do not do business with these people! They are the exact example of why car dealers have a bad reputation and people get anxiety when just trying to get a vehicle. I talked with ryan and j. Lopez for days on end who claimed to be highly experienced and promised not only an approval on a specific car but a percentage rate and a soft hit on my credit since that was all i authorized. He reassured that they as a compnay could not do anything unauthorized as it would be illegal. After weeks of talking i decided on a vehicle, was again reassured of the soft hit and was told which specific bank would see it. Low and behold they did a hard hit that docked me 9 points. When attempting to contact the salesman ryan he could not be reached by phone, text or email all of sudden. This went on for days. Finally after speaking with j. Lopez i was told ryan was ducking me because my application was denied. He further stated that i could get financed with another of their bank so i should allow another run and that the inquiry would fall off in 6mos. Another lie as the credit bureaus stated 2yrs. To top it all off i received a denial letter in the mail from a bank completely different than the one i was told would be reviewing my application. Mind you my car credit was in the upper 700’s. This was a nightmare. They can be convincing but are shrewd and dishonest. Don’t believe a word they say and don’t waiste your time.

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