The Preserve at Ballantyne Commons Charlotte North Carolina


Complaint: In my opinion the Preserve at Ballantyne Commons is a terrible place to live or do business because of a management staff that was vindictive,unethical and unprofessional. Again, this is only my experience but I pass it along so hopefully nobody else has to go through the same difficulty.When it came time to move out I knew I’d have difficulty due to a previous non monetary issue with my lease and prepared accordingly. I went above and beyond what I needed to do on my move out checklist and requested a walkthrough with Tiffany Tuning, property manager in advance. On the day I moved out Tiffany was nowhere to be found and I was told I would have to wait for someone named “Zeke”” who was a member of the maintenance staff. The only problem was Zeke wasn’t available for about 3 hours and I had a U-Haul rental to return. I turned over my keys and hoped for the best.I was sent a bill to replace a stovetop a couple of weeks later. I called the office and spoke with Ashley Yates

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Address: who I believe is the assistant property manager or at least that’s what she’s calling herself who told me the stovetop was damaged and needed to be replaced. This is one of those glass stovetops we’re talking about without the raised coils. The stovetop was not damaged when I left and was in the same condition I found it in. When pressed

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Phone: Ashley informed me there were “”scratches”” on the stovetop and that was the reason they replaced it. Those “”scratches”” she’s talking about are normal wear and tear and anyone with that type of stovetop will tell you that but even those were there when I moved in and it looked normal to me. I had witness accounts that the stovetop was in excellent condition when I moved out.To me

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