Tom Ferry Bellingham Washington


Complaint: In 2016 I was transitioning form a job to a Real Estate Career.I was contacted by the TF organization and the sales person convinced me that with their program and techniques they were going to teach me I could easily achieve a $350,000.00 income in any market. So I relocated my family to a new area and signed up with the TF coaching program. The first thing they gave me was a disclaimer to sign, then they proceeded to give me access to videos and a script to follow to cold call people. They Also gave me a live person to speak to every 2 weeks. The first Person (coach)they assigned to me told me to quit and get a job with Costco or deliver pizzas. Soon after I signed on I ran into some serious life events, some were medical in nature. I tried to get a deferment on the training program or just plain cancell. They did not allow me to cancel and made me complete the program as they would report me to the credit bureau or place a judgement on me. So I completed the program for a year and feel it was the biggest ripoff I had ever experienced. If there was a class action law suit against the Tom Ferry organization I would join it in a second. By the way I never spoke to Tom Ferry and he never actually coached me individually.Be ware of his iron clad contract before you sign up!! Besides the two calls a month, (that are only 30 minutes long, and barely enough time to get anything out of), they over-promise and under-deliver. They are absolutely disgusting.Don’t do it!!!

Tags: Adult Career & Continuing Education

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