Tranquility Insurance Review


I was contacted by one lady by name Lindsey Bownan with a job offer as an independent quality inspector tranquility insurance. Started working with them sept 20th. First ships a package to my address then emails me tracking details. My job was to receive packages that were shipped to my address, inspect the condition of the item and factory label then email her with the results. She in turn emails me a prepaid shipping label with which i then use to email the package and then send her the tracking details. I was suppose to be on probation for a month $3200 pretax and then based on my performance i will be hired full time. I received and reshipped about 10 packages over 4 week period. The fourth week she sent just one package to be shipped. When i didn’t hear from her about my pay i sent her two emails to find out what was going; last email sent today, no response which is unlike her because she responded promptly to the emailsi sent while handling the packages.

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