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Complaint: I first started working with Joe Morales several months ago in hopes of finding a new home. I met with one of his real estate people in Clearlake with interest in a property. I drove up to Clearlake to take a look at the property only to be baited and switched into trying to buy another home that I did not go up there to see. I drove almost 2 hours to go see the house. I did further research and found that the area in Clearlake is not exactly where I wanted to move and decided to start looking in the Sacramento area for a house, still using Joe Morales as a real estate agent. I drove to the sacramento area on a few occasions to look at homes and met twice with a Hispanic woman because Joe was not available. There was one home that I expressed interest in and as we moved forward I found Joes professionalism to be lacking. Joe Morales asked me to send a photo of a check written to him for 1000 dollars which I found to be odd seeing that we were not even close to writing up a contract for a home. I decided to put my home buying experience on hold because of Joe’s lack of understanding and professionalism on buying a home. Probably why home sales are down. Realtors like Joe Morales who are unethical and possibly criminal acts could cause people like myself to shy away from buying a house. Months passed and I was asked through Zillow to write a review for Joe on their website so I did, and wrote the truth. This is what I wrote “I tried to work with Joe Morales for several months as a realtor. I must say as a first time home buyer

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Address: stay away from Joe and his so called team. I had to make several trips up north so he could show one house to me

Website: but when it came to trying to purchase no help from the realtor. There are other reputable real estate people to purchase from. I can not recommend someone of poor quality like this!”” Joe Responded: “”Dean

Phone: instead of lining up a few houses at a time. Besides that

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