VandeWater & Associates, Inc Review


My best bud bought a lot from David Vandewater, which included a right of way, 25 feet in width, from a state road to the lot, through land posted with “Vandewater & Associates” no trespassing signs. After using said right of way for a couple of years, David Vandewater, president of Vandewater and associates, spread grass seed in portions of the gravelled right of way, then placed a few very thin, fiberglass snow stakes in the right of way, basically bisecting it. This action caused the right of way to be narrowed from 25 to @ 10 feet in places. A neighbor, following the gravvelled portion of the right of way (there was no snow at the time) , allegedly ran over a couple of the snow stakes. Mr Vandewater had the neighbor arrested for trespass and destruction of property (a misdemeanor whose punishment is a year in jail). The snow stakes were not broken in two, looked intact. The arrested neighbor and friend is distraught. Needless to say, get those rights of way in writing, like I did, with this guy. Even then, he may not honor the agreement.

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