Victoria Tire la California


Complaint: I Was Visiting There Secured Website (If Thats What They want To Call It) Thinking That I Would Be Protected By Shopping There. When To My Surprise i noticed that they offerd free shipping so i orderd what i wanted. Then All Of A Sudden This Handling Charge Appears For The Amount Of $85! They Explain That This Is What A Handling Charge Is For: What are handling charges ? Handling charges cover the cost of labor for mounting, balancing, packaging, shipping insurance and intallation tools that are required to make it possible for your order to be shipped safely and securely, and to arrive ready to mount onto your vehicle. Then All Of A Sudden I Notice That A Lugnut Charge Appears On The Cart For $30.! Thats A Total Of $115. Of Hidden Charges. Thats Absurd! TO ME FREE SHIPPING… MEANS FREE SHIPPING! AND IF THE REASON YOU CHARGE $85.00 FOR HANDLING STATES THAT IT IS FOR MY MERCHANDISE WILL BE READY TO MOUNT ONTO MY VEHICLE MEANS I SHOULD NOT PAY FOR LUGNUTS ALSO! I ALSO NOTICED THAT IF YOU TRY TO JUST BUY TIRES FROM THEM THAT $30.00 LUGNUT CHARGE APPEARS AGAIN! SINCE WHEN DOES THE OWNERS MANUAL SAY TO CHANGE LUGNUTS WHEN YOU CHANGE YOUR TIRES! I BELIEVE THE PUBLIC LOSES $30.00 EVERYTIME THEY USE THAT SHOPPING CART. THEY ARE RIP OFFS! AGOP GLENDALE, CaliforniaU.S.A.

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Address: 2271 E.florence Ave. Huntington Park, California U.S.A.


Phone: 323-5833229

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