Virgin Mobile Australia Review


When you sign up for a post paid mobile phone plan, for a reasonable charge eg $39, you get $450 of phone credit. The charges are over-inflated but as you are getting $450 credit for $39 real money, no one complains. Problem is, once you use up that credit, there is no option to add more phone credit and any excess usage is charged at the over inflated rates, so a few phone calls a day for a week or 2 can rack up to hundreds of dollars in real charges. If you were on the prepaid plan, which is $29 for $450 phone credit and you used up that credit, you could top up for $29 and have another $450 phone credit to use. That option is not available for post paid customers. So if you are a pre-paid customer thinking about changing to a post paid plan, think twice, as your call charges could turn out to be alot more than what you expect. Stay on prepaid is what I advise.

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