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My wife and were married in Virginia Beach, VA on November 24th 2012. We contracted Dave Alegre of Visionary Productions to do our wedding video. He came very highly recommended by Adina Hayne at Hayne Photography. We met with Dave a couple of weeks leading up to our wedding. We live in New Jersey so it wasn’t easy taking the time make the trips to Va Beach in order to coordinate everything. Dave seemed very nice and very professional. I met with him at his home, being that he works from his home studio or office. He showed us samples of his past work, all of which we were very impressed with. We were excited to work with him. Leading up to the wedding, he sent us the contract via email and we were in constant communication via phone and email. We made our payment to him via credit card totaling $5,000. We thought it was expensive, but we felt he was worth it being he seemed to be the best around. Our wedding day came. He was there, very professional, everything went well. He told us it would take about 3 months to complete the video. Months and months passed, then two years have passed! He became hard to get a hold of. We started asking him what was going on about 4 to 6 months after our wedding. His communication became few and far between. He kept saying that he’s having technical problems, but he kept promising our video for the following month. Nothing ever came. Finally, a couple of months ago, we began to threaten with legal action, but he refuses to respond to any of our requests. We asked him if he would just give us the raw footage at this point. All we want is to have our special day on video. We just want the raw footage at this point. He refuses to respond. Two years and two kids later, my wife and I are yet to recieve our wedding video or footage. This is depressing beyond belief. It would be heartbreaking for us if we could not have our video. It’s incredible how Dave Alegre went from being so professional, to a complete crook. He has our $5,000 and hasn’t given us anything in return. Anyone out there thinking of working with Dave Alegre, or are in talks with him, stay away! We would hate for him to do this to someone else. His website is still up and running which I’m assuming means he’s still in business. .

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