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Do not buy from www.raybansunglassesmart.com nThe same happened to me. They sent me fake Ray Ban and also sentnme a different model than I paid for. They did reply to me after about 10nemails. The last email I sent I copied all the scam reports I found about www.raybansunglassesmart.com n Here is the reply Ingot from support at raybansunglassesmart com -> n n”nhello nI hope you will forgive me for not having written you for sonlong. nthanks for your feedback. n nWe sent you the right shoes

Very sorry for express company’snfault. This case rare happened before. Thinking about high shipping cost. Wenneed ur understand. Would u try to resell to ur friends or give to ur friendsnas a gift. Wed like to give u a nice discount coupon as a compensation in thenfuture shopping. n nAny question

please contact us freely n nThanks @Best Regards! nYour sincerely nCustomer Service Department n”””

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