Zenike Review


The business is an online store with the domain name: ZENIKE. placed my order on April 30, at which time, I received an email saying that the order was received and that I could contact them with any questions using the same email address. My credit card was then promptly charged for the items ordered (04/30/2019).I emailed them ([email protected]) on several occasions since then, but there was never any reply. I also tried to contact them by their Facebook site (05/17/2019). My message was clearly seen by the recipient (05/18/2019), but there was no reply. Soon after that, however, I received a notification from DHL saying that an electronic notification for a package was received and tracking will be updated soon (05/19/2019): webtrack.dhlglobalmail.com/?********************************However, the tracking was never updated, and as of today (05/28/2019), there is no package in sight.Lastly, I emailed them (05/28/2019) to state that I will be filing a complaint, and they simply emailed back this copy:2019-05-25 15:30:00 LAX / Released from customs: customs cleared.2019-05-22 09:45:00 LAX / Shipment arrived at airport of destination countryThis does not prove that it pertains to my specific order, nor does it inform when the shipment is scheduled to be delivered to what destination. Furthermore, it contradicts the DHL information emailed to me earlier, which showed that the shipment was from “Jamaica, New York.”Although there is no physical address or phone number provided on the "Contact" page of the website, I looked up the site domain registry via Whois Lookup & IP (Whois.net). It indicates that the registrant’s name is Fisher Liao, whose address is in Japan [26-1 Sakuragaoka-cho, Cerulean Tower 11F, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-8512, Japan].I am worried that the credit card information they have stored on their sight might be further misused. Furthermore, although they claim to do business “worldwide,” the tax status (hence the legitimacy) of the business is questionable. They are clearly evading the sale taxes of the countries to which they are claiming to ship their goods.Please advise how I can protect myself and the prospective customers like me from this store, and how I can help stop this particular online shop from operating further in the United States.

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