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In October 2014 I was contacted by Madison Gray zion capital finance who asked if I had a timeshare that I wanted to sell. I said yes and then Emma Walters contacted me from zion capital finance Scottsdale AZ and said she had a couple that wanted to buy the timeshare. I just had to start the process by sending $ 1992.00 for closing to a third party United capital holding associates in Winterpark FI and it was such an odd figure that it was precaution and the unused portion would be returned to me. I was then called by Cody Reynolds who stated in about two weeks the timeshare would be sold. That was near the end of November. Since that timeframe I have called every week at least knce sometimes three times a week. They gave not returned a phone call or updated me as to the sale or returned my money.. I demand Total refund. Stay away

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